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Latest Projects

This page is dedicated to the various projects we are working on if you have any interesting in partisipating please contact us to discuss. There is always so much to do and so few hands to really help.

Myths and Bardic Studies

Working on Carriculum to study study the myths and traditions as well as writing and other artisitc ventures to build bardic understanding and practice of the tradition.

Ovate Studies

Working on a carriculum that includes healing and divination practices. These are the primary roles of the ovates and thier practices that trancend time.

Ritual Group

A wonderful and vibrant ritual is the center of all communities. Druids organized and helped moved this along. It would be useful to practice and perfect the rituals being performed.

Esoteric Lodge

During the 1700's and around the time Masonry was becoming very popular there were Druid Lodges that were similar to the Masons and for the purposes of studying esoteric druidry. Forming this lodge should be a goal.


BeeSafe is constantly looking for memebers who will canvas neighborhoods and speak to governments at various levels about the need to use chemicals that are safe for polinators.

Sacred Grove Planting

We will be planting groves in the Spring and Summer, we need people to look for locations and resorces to plant and to help tend.