Moon, Oak, and Sickle Druid Group

  • "Ancient & Reconstruction Practice"
  • "Modern Green Living"

Our Work

The work of a Druid in the modern world is perhaps more important now as so much of the world and the natural environment is being neglected. It has implicaitons on our lives, our health, our planet, and really everything that we see. Druidry is a practice to some and a religion to others, however, it always informs the work we do and how we live in the world. There are a number of works that Moon, Oak, and Sickle performs and offers outlet for the expression of. It is, of course, not required that you take part in any of these, but they are availible as you work your path.

Druid Celebration

We celebrate and discuss all eight of the Pagan Sabbots and spend time recognizing the changing in the earth and also in ourselves as we ride these cycles of nature and the world we live in.

Druid Study

Drawing from many sources we work with the teachings from the primary sources of modern and ancient druidry for open discussion around collectively decided topics or any resources we intend on covering. This can extend to Bard, Ovate, or Druid sessions as well.

Ecological Responsibility

Moon, Oak, and Sickle donates to BeeSafe to help provide for pollinators and partisipates in the OBOD Sacred Grove Planting Program. We also promote personal action and people doing thier own projects as well.

Clean Living

One of the issues with our modern world and our seperation is the reliance on chemicals and products that are damaging to both ourselves and the environment. Clean living is about increaseing our use of natural, homemade, organic, and sustainable prodcuts and attempting to live more healthy.