Moon, Oak, and Sickle Druid Group

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Moon, Oak, and Sickle is a freeform Druid Group that practices the sabbots and also provides for study in Druidry specifically, but also the western estoeric tradition in general encompasing Pagan thought from the Celtic and Norse traditions. We work under a charter with the Order of Bards ovates and Druids but also draw from the teachings of multiple other groups including, but not limited to Ancient Order of Druids in America, Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn, Henge of Keltria, Ar nDraiocht Fein, and others. Our goal is to provide an outlet for group practice, community involvement, and study of the landscape of the modern pagan world drawning from many sources for study. We are an inclusive community and pagans of all flavors are welcome to attend our meetings, study groups, and activities.


The Awen is a symbol in Druidry and is often meant to represent Bardic Inspiration that comes to us in 3 rays. It is much more than this though it is the inspiration of the Divine that comes in three rays to the very heart of our being. It is fitting that we speak about Awen in the very beginning. We each have something to share and things to learn about ourselves and from each other. It is this exploration and the call of Awen that guides us and informs us. We find it meditating, walking in the woods, communing with nature, and in discussions and praactice with others. Wish warm wishes and every good aspiration I welcome you to this Druid Grove and hope your stay is pleasnt.

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December, 21st at 6:30 PM

2122 S. Lafayette St.; Denver 80120

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2122 S. Lafayette St.; Denver 80120